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Write programe in Process simulate


         Can you please tell me, how to write programe in Process simulate by using teach pendant


Re: Write programe in Process simulate

Did you mean to load pre-programmed code into PS? if yes, using upload function.

Re: Write programe in Process simulate

No...Our doubt is how to write standard method of writing new program in PS(steps for writing). As we are new to OLP.

Re: Write programe in Process simulate

Well, PS programming workflow is based on interactively path planning and parameter setting in teach pendant. it is using neural programming way which doesnot like vendor dependent coding , for example KUKA.ABB,Motoman etc. but it is very intutive within PS. easy to operate and simulate. 


if you want to generate vendor dependent code. just choose OLP controllers, it will translate the PS code to vendor's code. So far .it is hardly to do direct programing ( vendor dependent, like MOVJ VJ=60 ...). this code would be the result from simulation...


Hope this helps.

Re: Write programe in Process simulate

Dear Mr. Steven,


            Thanks for your propt rply. means as per you, in PS we cant program like in actual robot coading.


      Then if i created one project in that i added all required operation like pick & place/Welding/Part flow etc.

     & then simulate it without using any logic block/Signal.

       So, my question is after that what is the standard procedure to write programe (detail Step) in PS, How to use Logic block & signal in my robot program.

       Also, for programing is it manditory to install RRS & RCS.


Re: Write programe in Process simulate

All those questions could be solved in one formal PS robotic training...