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attach objects



I am trying to simulate a shop floor which is assembling a part of the brake disc. I want to in every operation, the parts attach together until they reach to the final location.

I can attach whole of the part together until the final location but the problem is that when I close the project and I open it again they are not in the specific location. the whole of the is near the first part which one the others attach to it.

if I want to explain more,

for example in first operation the dust protection should assemble then at time beginning, in the second operation screws should assemble after 20second, in third operation hub after 30 seconds, at the end the brake disc should assemble at the 50 second.

but when I run the simulation whole of parts moving with dust protection at the time zero. 


Re: attach objects

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
sounds like you are not using events for the attchments, but only static attachment.
Is that correct?
If yes, do right click on the required operation in sequence editor and select 'attach' to define such event.

Re: attach objects


thank you so much. you are right. now everything works correctly.