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commissioning cell with process simulate 11.1

today i load a virtual commissioning cell in process simulate 11.1

process simulate is connected via simba box to the plc SIEMENS 416F.



under ps10.1 runs the cell without problems (connect plc over OPC, or CEE)

under ps11.1 the robot have big problems with the standard program number



- the plc (over simba connections) send the program number to ps 11.1

- ps11.1 have problems to understand this number

- i force the number again to zero

- after the force ps mirror the prog number back to plc

- the plc jump to the next step

- plc send the start_program signal

- process simulate receives the signal in simulation panel

- the robot does not start (problem again)

- i force the signal again to zero

- after force the robot started


- robot drive to pick position and send signal to plc

- plc receive the signal and send release signal to robot (olp command "wait signal")

- problem again

- robot wait and wait and wait

- in simulation panel is the signal from plc TRUE


unfortunately i don't have a commissioning lizenz for ps10.1




Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Re: commissioning cell with process simulate 11.1

i have check the cycle time from my plc


2 ms


i think this is to fast for PS with profinet simba connection


i have created a IR1968327

Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Re: commissioning cell with process simulate 11.1

Hotfix 14 fix the problem.