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compound components collision

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Valued Contributor


I am new user of tecnomatix (v13.0.2). This is my fist topic on this community and I hope you will be good to me.

I created a compound resource and created robot and rail system in it. Robot is attached to the carrier of the rail system. Rail system kinematix has a to link (base->carrier). while simulation is being playing, when collision mode on, collisions are taken place between attached objects. 

How can I avoid this?


Re: compound components collision

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If you open the Collision Viewer, you may observe that you have an option to create "Collision Sets".

Each such set has a "left" and "right" list.

Objects in the same list will not be tested for collision, so you can create a collision set with the robot & rail on the left list, and whatever else you want to check collision with on the right list.


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