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custom XML - tool definition in simulation layer




is there a way to define the tool which is used in simulation layer?

I have made a custom XML for RelTool which works fine. The downloaded program works correct but in simulation there is always the tool of the current location selected.

# MoveLRelTool Ref_Loc X Y Z RX RY RZ


I have a Preposition (with Tool1) and want to add a offset Position for a Pick-Position (with Tool2). When using the custom XML on the Prepositon the simulation is always with Tool1.


How can I select the tool for simulation layer?

MoveL RelTool(Ref Loc,X,Y,Z\Rx:=RX\Ry:=RY\Rz:=RZ),Speed Data,Zone Data,Tool Data\WObj:=Wobj Data;



Could anyone give me an example on how to download and simulate OLP Commands before the specific location where they are selected?


kind regards


Re: custom XML - tool definition in simulation layer

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

You can do # MoveRelTool x y z [Tool Data = t2]


You can basically modify any motion parameter on your relative motion by using any of the dynamic parameter that the controller supports (any Path Editor column).


# MoveRelTool x y z [Tool Data = t2] [Speed Data = v100] [Zone Data = z50]