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diffrence in roboexpert and process simulate(virtual commisioning)

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Hi Experts,
I am looking for help regarding best use of robotexpert or process simulate.
I want to simulate my conveyor and robot in virtual environment using plc controllers.

Can you suggest me best tool and some basic things required for this ?

We have process simulate license but I do not understand the software much.

I saw some videos by mr. Abhijeet dastidar on youtube about virtual commisioning.
Is there any material available for this ?

I have all hardwares in place but which approach needs to be followed, I am bit confused.
Is it compulsary to have TC integration to use PS ?

Sorry for typos .

Atul K

Re: diffrence in roboexpert and process simulate(virtual commisioning)

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Hello Atul, Sorry about my delayed reply. Please note RobotExpert does not support virtual commissioning. If you have Process Simulate, you can do Virtual Commissioning but it is also an extra license. I suggest you contact your Siemens account manager for more details on Virtual Commissioning. Usually we offer virtual commissioning as a service engagement because of deployment complexity and learning curve associated with this solution. I suggest you watch this video to learn how Kuka Brazil has used VC. Here too Kuka and Siemens worked together to establish their VC lab.

Please post these questions in our

Abhijit Dastidar