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kuka option PDAT

on this time (PS10.1 or PS 11.1 ) every locations of a kuka path have their own PDAT in *.dat file

location p10,p20 or p30 has a own PDAT Line in *.dat file (download)



all locations of this path have the same parameters

i want to download the path with one PDAT parameters set
name      acc              zone                pdat_old                   pdat_new
p10     acc = 100    c_dist=100              ppd10                         pd100
p20     acc = 100    c_dist=100              ppd20                         pd100
p30     acc = 100    c_dist=100              ppd30                         pd100

p40     acc = 100    c_dist=100              ppd40                         pd100



Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Re: kuka option PDAT

There is no option to reduce the PDAT with same information at download. It is however possible to plug your own script after the download to do whatever you want, including reducing the redundant PDAT.


Post Process Download Files

  • There is an option to post process created download files with an external executable.
  • This executable should be placed under eMPower\Olp\Robotics\Kuka-Krc\ExternalApplications
  • Application searches for an executable named “KukaKrcPostDownload” under eMPower\Olp\Robotics\Kuka-Krc\ExternalApplications folder
  • If such an executable is found the KukaKrcPostDownload executable is run with an exchange file with the following format:

                        ROBOT_NAME,<name of the robot instance in PS>
                        CONTROLLER_VERSION,<controller version string as selected from Robot Setup / Controller Version
                        RRS_VERSION,<rrs version as selected from Robot Properties>
                        DOWNLOAD_FOLDER,<folder where program files have been generated>
                        DOWNLOAD_FILES,<list of files generated during download in this folder>

  • The modified files are shown in multi file viewer
  • Note: The external post process should modify the DOWNLOAD_FILES and should not generate additional files (additional files will not be displayed in the multi file viewer).

Re: kuka option PDAT

thanks for your answer.

have you a example file for me? (simply file) not converted to *.exe file



Re: kuka option PDAT

I have one perl file for Fanuc as an example (rename it to .pl)

Re: kuka option PDAT

i have test your example


the way is good for change global parameter in downlaods.


for my request is not perfect


i will assign 5 locations in path with pdat100

and 5 locations with pdat50

and 2 locations with pdat10



Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Re: kuka option PDAT

I agree it is not perfect, but it is today the only way to accomplish your need.

Re: kuka option PDAT

is there a chance to implement a function which i need in next version of kuka controller?

Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke
Accepted by topic author voelzke
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: kuka option PDAT

You need to open an ER