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line tracking with process simulate

hello everybody,


i work in the last days with line tracking project.


i have a question about the ps functionality?


in my test's i see no chance to syncronise the conveyor speed with the robot tcp speed?

it is possible?


i can change the speed for conveyor but the robot move with tcp speed.

in all my cases i must test the syncronisation about the reachability and time / speed of conveyor per hand?

is this correct workflow?


in my eyes "the wait wobj function" for abb is only for wait for start the robot path.



Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Re: line tracking with process simulate

Do you work with ABB RCS Module ? Line Tracking is supported with RRS, but not yet in MOP / RCS Disconnected.

Re: line tracking with process simulate

yes i work with RCS Modul.


in my case the part fly with a material flow on conveyor.

on reachability position i start the robot path.

but it is very hard to find the correct time interval to start the robot between conveyor.

Robot Starts is easy.

but the robot move ex. with Speed V1000 the lines

with Speed V1000 i must find the correct conveyor speed (or Object flow speed) to sync these 2 operations.


Re: line tracking with process simulate



ABB with line Tracking:


Do i work with spezial ABB Machine Data for Line Tracking?

In my case i drive with standard ABB Machine Data. (no ext. axes)








Re: line tracking with process simulate

Off course, you need dedicated machine data with a conveyor mechanical unit defined inside.

Re: line tracking with process simulate

over which signal brigde send PS the position to RCS Machine Data?

where can i configurated these?

Accepted by topic author voelzke
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: line tracking with process simulate

The concept of line tracking in Process Simulate is hopefully explained in the manual (see Robot Properties / Conveyor).