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modeling with robot dosen't work

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

I can open currently no robot to the modelling (see picture)

I've tried it with ABB and KUKA.

all components are *.cojt


i have tested with PS 10.1 and PS 11.1


test with connected study

test with disc. study


always with the same message




Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Re: modeling with robot dosen't work


Modelling for robots works correctly for robots without dresspack (fupa).


For newer robot models, which include a fupa, the modelling does not work.


I have tried modelling for an ABB and a KUKA robot without fupa. Both are working.

I also tried an ABB and KUKA with fupa and here it is not working.


Process Simulate.jpg


Have a try with my files (attachment).