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parameters to start PS using commandline


Process Simulate can be started using a command like

c:\program files\Tecnomatix\eMPower\tune.exe /c NewAssembler


c:\program files\Tecnomatix\eMPower\tune.exe /c NewAssembler /l ems


Does anyone know if it is possible to add also data that is to be loaded?

1. to preselect a project (eMS)

2. to autoload a .psz


3. can I define the simulation-mode in which a .psz is to be loaded (time-based vs. line-simulation)


Thanks for any/even partial answers


Re: parameters to start PS using commandline

The following command works for RobotExpert:


C:\Tecnomatix\eMPower\Tune.exe /c RobotExpert RobotExpert_ArcWeld_demo_abb_controller.cell


Probably PS Disconnected behaves the same - have nothing to test Smiley Wink

But I'm also interested in command-line options. They are not described in help (in opposite to Plant Simulation) Smiley Wink

Regards, Vladimir.

Re: parameters to start PS using curiosity



I understand the command line requirement.  We have one customer who uses a very nice "launch window" to manage applications and there settings.


Out of curiosity what benefit or value would including the psz or eMS project add?  I;m trying to understand the need.

Re: parameters to start PS using curiosity

Hi Jason,

e.g. for a training or demo env., or simply for someone who wants to reduce clicks, when he's using the same data for weeks.

Or if you are developing for PS you might start the debugger and PS comes up with already data loaded.


Especialy the question about the load-mode (time-based vs. line-sim) interests me.