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path template for Gun duplication

Hi All,

I have an Weld Operation which contains 10 weld spots and the gun is assigned to the operation.

What i need is, the assigned Gun needs to be duplicated 10 times and it relocated to each weld spots in the operation. Ideally the end result should be each duplicated gun should be positioned in the spots in the operation.


Is it possible to do it in Path Template?. If yes please let me know how to do it. If not please let me know what is the other way to do this.





Re: path template for Gun duplication

Hi Sara,


no path template cannot do such an action, it is basically intended to populate operations with parameters.


This could be achieved by writing a small command using Tecnomatix API.


Another option would be to generate a compound resource xml (or JT assembly) containing instances of the same gun prototype, positioned according to each weld location. But this requires also writing some scripts, probably worth only if you have to repeat this multiple time for many weld locations.


Best regards



Re: path template for Gun duplication

Thank you very much Bernard. Appreciate your quick reply

Yes this activity is frequent activity and need to provide gun JT cloud for all operation which we create.


Is it possible to give me a hint how to create the command using tecnomatix API?




Re: path template for Gun duplication


you can find a help file in your tecnomatix installation folder. Probably c:\Program Files\Tecnomatix\eMPower\TecnomatixSDKHelp\Tecnomatix.NET.chm


Look at Creating commands. There are also code-skeletons for commands. Search for "Api example" and select "Simple Button Commands"