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problems with remote tcp

Hi, i have problems with a remote tcp path. The robot have the part in the gripper an weld extern. The weldings points are attached on the part. The external Tcp (remote tcp) is on the gun. So far so good. But... When i created a via point, is it not possible to reach this. When i change the remote tcp to the gun and relocated the point is it maybe ok, but not all the time. Did have someone this same problem and solve this ? thanks very much !

Re: problems with remote tcp

Do you create the via locations as remote TCP as well (i.e. attached to the gripper) or are you trying to mix remote TCP locations and fixed locations in the same path?


Are you using the default controller or a dedicated OLP controller?

Re: problems with remote tcp



in this path are all locs on the remote tcp.

i use actually the default controller.

Re: problems with remote tcp

How do you create via locations? With "Insert After/Before", the inserted via location should be created as remote tcp, attached to the gripper (same as the reference weld location). Ans you should have no problem to jump or move to it.

Which Process Simulate version are you using? There have been some enhancements in this mechanism in latest versions.

Re: problems with remote tcp



my ps version is the 11.1 for one VW project.


After create a via point the points are attached to the gripper, but they have no remote tcp data.

Thats the problem. They have a another orientation.

But why ?


I use the function create after / before.




Re: problems with remote tcp



I don't remember TX11.1, it is so long time ago. There were many changes since that time.


basically, when you create a via location with remote TCP, the via location must be superimposed with the external TCP when the robot is at the expected position, and attached to the part or the gripper. The operation has to be marked as remote tcp.


If all these conditiions are met, the via location should be reachable statically (jump to location)?. regarding simulation, it should work as well unless the robot moves linear through singularity.


You can also use "clear teach location" to make sure the position will correspond to the current location.  


best regards