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process simulate kuka Spline movements



in my last days i work with KUKA Spline Movements.

in My test with process simulate i can select in path editor Spline Types.


But after download the paths has  not the correct kuka syntax.

the real robot have problems to read these downloads.


i check the way back to ps.


i create new paths in real robot with Spline locations.

PS have problems to understand this logic.

Real Spline have more Syntax.


have one experience with Spline Movements under process simulate?7



Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Re: process simulate kuka Spline movements



I'm interested in how to define spline movement types in process simulate in general. Is it only possible as additional KUKA OLP commands? What to define else in PS? Do you have a white paper, a tutorial or something else about this topic?


Best regards

Sabine Thieme

Re: process simulate kuka Spline movements



Spline Movements is available in KUKA Controller with RCS Modul 8.3 or higher.


You must define in rrs.xml the the RCS with NewMotion="TRUE"


Do you select the controller in PS you can add spline movements in path editor.


Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke