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"Modify Color"-Dialog Customization

Hello everybody,


I've got a simple question:


Is it possible to set a custom name(or say alias) for the colors of the "Modify Color" - command in the ColorsDef.xml?


For Example: Set "Custom White" for "Hex={FF,FF,FF}" (see the attached screenshot)


Possible Syntax could be something like "<Color value="#FFFFFF name="Custom White" />""


Doe anybody know about such a functionality?


Best regards




Re: "Modify Color"-Dialog Customization

yes, the ColorDef.xml (located in the installation folder) supports either the color code or the color name (as defined in :


e.g. your ColorDef.xml can be something like:



    <UserCustom />


      <Color value="AliceBlue" />

      <Color value="AntiqueWhite" />

      <Color value="Aqua" />

Re: "Modify Color"-Dialog Customization


in the same way, how can I get a new "Palette" or a second one?

I need the same "Palette" of Robcad at Process Simulate 11.1.


Thanks in advance.