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robot action timing

Hello everybody. 

I have created a Generic Robotic Operation and I added some locations where a robot can turn and swerwe as I want.But Robot acts too fast. I want that some moves are soft and slow. 

1.Operation tree, if i change the operation properties of target location. it does not work. As I played simulations, it does the move same timing.


2.Also changing the length of timing bar in sequence editor is not working. 

How I can fix this. 




Re: robot action timing

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Your Simulation time is 2,68 sec. Simulation Time Interval is set to 0,2. 

Change Simulation Time Interval to e.g. 0,01. This will slow down the simulation in your case.

In addition you can activate "Simulation time to real time ration is 1:1". 


Play a bit with both functionalities and you will see the effect. 

2017-01-09 17_23_18-Clipboard.jpg

 But keep in mind. A robot operation which is finished within 2,68 sec is very fast. 

To slowdown the simulation you can also manipulate some OLP parameters e.g. Speed, Zone, Acc to get a more realistic robot behavior.


Best regards


Re: robot action timing

Hello Patrick!


In addition to your reply above, I'd also recommend to check robot configuration and joint parameters (speed and acceleration). Check if inside robot .cojt folder you have a motionparameter file that sets up those values and also check if they are well defined. Althought, I trully believe only changing time interval is enought.



Patrick, I'd like to also make a question: Is there a reason for starting to limit simulation time interval to 1 in latest versions of TX? 



Re: robot action timing

Thanks for your great reply, 

You gave me the nice informations actually. But the problem is still here. you know we tell the robot to go a position via some locations. (for example:via1, via2)I want that the robot could go the some location faster(via1), after that it could go slower(via2).  Is that possible? 



Accepted by topic author Burpee
‎01-12-2017 02:01 AM

Re: robot action timing



In this case you need to change the OLP parameters for the location. (Speed or Motion[PTP/LIN])


Example for with parameters for Kuka Controller:

via1 Motion = PTP, Speed = 100%, Acc = 100%, Zone = 250mm ...

via2 Motion = PTP, Speed = 25%, Acc = 75%, Zone = fine...


via2 Motion = LIN, Speed = 0,5m/s, Acc = 75%, Zone = fine...



Use "Customize Columns" in Path Editor to display the requried parameters accordingly to your robot controller.



Best regards


Re: robot action timing


I do not know anything about OLP tools right now. but i will learn. i accept this as solution. when I start to revise OLP command i will turn back to here again.