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robot expert (parallel robots)


good afternoon, I have been working with robot expert for a while, and I found some problems.
for example
1. the language to do the equation editor is not easy, because in part of additions and subtractions are needed for many (), another a little more complex is to add conditional (if, else if, etc)
2. Another I have found is that (supposedly) Robot Expert supports parallel architecture. But the options for creating these relaziones are not. There is the option of cranks, but as such is an ensemble of equations and such assembly is unparalleled.


I would like to know as a parallel assembly is made.



Re: robot expert (parallel robots)


To solve the problem of parallel programming, according to what I've seen, you must perform the cinematic tree in order.
Defining first primary cinematic tree, ie omitting kbar1 and kbar2, after finishing this primary kinematic tree are added kbar joints

One problem is that robot expert, no account wuth the analysis required to resolve this problem in disarray. The same applies if a joint is deletd before a parallel system. as are the joints 1 and 2.

Re: robot expert (parallel robots)

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Jamie,

actually I do not believe your need to add any formula manually here.


Just define your inverse first, add base/toolframe.

Then define the crank and use the existing links.

I you do it in the right order, it should work.


For formulas in general:

Unfortunately the syntax is not documented in the RE or PS manual.

For now, pls go with the attached document. It's actually from Robcad-help, but it's also valid for RE&PS.



Re: robot expert (parallel robots)


Thanks, what I wanted to do was mostly a mathematical proof, and proof with software tools, mostly to test operation