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robot expert (problem with robot jog)

The problem that I have now with robot expert is with toll robot jog.

Already has the cinematic tree, and can move all axes (valid 1,2,3,5).
According to the defined axes the robot should be able to move in the x, y, z.

This is achieved, if it moves through the joint jog

(view in My Videos)

But as shown in the video, when selecting the option to robot jog it does not move.
when was the development of tree cinematic boundaries were admitted, so that there can be more than one solution.


Re: robot expert (problem with robot jog)

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If you succeed in parallel robot kinematics definition, let me know. Once I tried to define ABB IRB 360, but when I closed the parallel branches, I got message that kinematic definition failed and joint jog stopped to work. I'm afraid the parallel architecture is not fully supported yet in TX.


Back to your question; I’m not sure, because your video was blurred in the middle part, but there can be two reasons of your problem:

  1. You have not defined the device as the robot yet – It is necessary to set a baseframe and a toolframe in order to get a robot in Tecnomatix.
  2. Set the lower value at the step size. I think that you have 50 mm



Re: robot expert (problem with robot jog)

Hi again Jamie,

also this should work, but I'm afraid the kinematic loop is not allowed within the inverse path !


Model it as a simple inverse (it will include 2 of the 4 loops joints) and test if your robots works.

After that add the loop using the cranks and reuse the links that are already part of the inverse..


Re: robot expert (problem with robot jog)

According to what I've seen, TX does not support parallel architecture, what I really did was something like a four-bar mechanism, where it really does it is change one angle.
I am doing the simulation a delta robot, and according to what is really far not simulates TX


To solve the problem of parallel (four-bar) programming, according to what I've seen, you must perform the cinematic tree in order.
Defining first primary cinematic tree, ie omitting kbar1 and kbar2, after finishing this primary kinematic tree are added kbar joints

One problem is that robot expert, no account wuth the analysis required to resolve this problem in disarray. The same applies if a joint is deletd before a parallel system. as are the joints 1 and 2.



Back to the question
I probe with a step size of 1 mm and does not work, and the tool frame and baseframe already have defined

Re: robot expert (problem with robot jog)

to define the free kinematics without the loop the program solves part, as it will not move me on the x axis

(view in My Videos)

Re: robot expert (problem with robot jog)

and limits defined not well, according to what you see (and shafts that can move) its maximum displacement in the z axis is 103 mm (with a pitch of 1mm for the simulation, and who will not take major step and remains locked)
But as you can see by moving the joints manually, it is observed that the effector can reach far above

(view in My Videos)

Also moving the axes with the jog robot, the effector moves in other axes

(view in My Videos)

Re: robot expert (problem with robot jog)

now I think I understand what you are trying to do...


Unfortunately currently RE&PS do not support delta robots.

Such robots require a special user inverse for robot jog.

We already recieved such enhancement request.

You may open another ER via GTAC to push the topic.