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simba-box SIMIT connection in PS?



I'm working with a simba-pnio box. U can use the simba-box with the SimbaPro (SimulationUnit) software or connect to the simba-box using SIMIT (profinet gateway).


Process Simulate wants a path for a SimbaPro file. My question is: is it possible to use a simba-box coupled with SIMIT inside PS?


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Re: simba-box SIMIT connection in PS?

My answer was to enthusiastic, it doenst work..wel semi.


For the clarity: I'm trying to connect SIMIT to a simba pnio box and Process Simulate.


The following thing happens: When SIMIT simulation is running everything is working fine. Next when I start PS simulation, signals wont show up anymore in SIMIT, they do in PS.


The interesting part is that when I change lets says I1.0 to TRUE from PS. This signal changes to TRUE (OPC Scout) and within a few milliseconds / seconds it changes back to FALSE. This is because SIMIT has I1.0 set to FALSE. So, SIMIT and PS are both getting simulation time.


I cant figure out why SIMIT signals arent changing when PS simulation has started,  I know SIMIT uses the SimulationUnit / SimbaPro software. 


Can anyone help me out with this? or is this a really silly idea, and this connection isnt even possible in PS?


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Re: simba-box SIMIT connection in PS?

UPDATE: it isnt possible. Only 1 simulation tool allowed with simba box, so SIMIT or PS. 



Re: simba-box SIMIT connection in PS?

Hi Pim,
actually that should work.
Of course you must not write to the same inputs from both applications.
Try unchecking the “PLC connection” in signal-viewer in PS for the singals that don’t change in Simit.

But I do not really understand what OPC-scout is doing here…
Simit and PS can both directly connect to Simba. No OPC needed.

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Re: simba-box SIMIT connection in PS?

Hi Guido,


Thanks for you reply. I was just using OPC scout to monitor my signals in my plc.


My goal is to use the signals also in SIMIT, because I want to use functionalies of SIMIT in combination with PS. So that my simulation in SIMIT can give certain start signals to PS. To get this working I interconnected my signals from profinet io coupling to simit opc coupling... no the most practical solution, but it is working for me.


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Re: simba-box SIMIT connection in PS?



Is this the only and official way to get it to work?

I have the same issue with SIMT (PRO V9.0) and PS (13.0). They work fine with a Simulation Unit PN and a S7-1500CPU on their own but when I try to run them together I/O:s start flashing when monitored in TIA Portal 13.

Even if I only set up one signal for PLC connection to SimbaPNIO in PS it writes over ALL signals handled by the Simulation Unit then SIMT does the same.


Best regards


Re: simba-box SIMIT connection in PS?

Hello Expert Guido Damm,
Can you tell me how to get the software package SDB(interfere for simba)?
simba box doesn't work without it.
I contact with GATC, but it is not their product, so no solution.
I look forward to your reply sincerely.

best regards