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spss folder include in pszx file

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom



Version 12.1.1 supported include spss folder in pszx file.

but after my test the spss folder is not include in pszx file.


has anybody tested this?

Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Re: spss folder include in pszx file

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend



Yes - this feature was implemented in 12.1.1. Now, the save dialog includes a checkbox ("Include Macros and SPSS folder") which allows the user to include or exclude the SPSS and Macros folder (the entire folder, not just .spss and .macros files).


When I try it out in 12.1.1 it works. If there is an issue with this feature, please open an IR.





Kind regards,
Gal Snir