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timed motion



I am trying to use the timed motion for a robot in PS 10.1 but I can't get it to work proberly.


Therefore I have done a little study with a robot connected to RCS running a path with timed motion, but somehow the tcp speed do not exeed 100mm/s. Even that I have programmed it to take 1 sec:


Anybody who can help me with what is wrong? Am I doing something wrong or is Process Simulate not working proberly?




Re: timed motion

For ABB, you need to set appropriate SpeedData setting



Re: timed motion

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Hi GillesVelay,


I have tried to set the speed to v300\T:=1 without any differences in the TCPspeed.


Let me be a little more specific in my question:

1. Does the timed planned motion works with RCS? My analysis shows It can't.

2. Can I with timed planned motion (without RCS) reach TCP speeds faster than 1000mm/s for linear motion? My analysis shows It can't.



Re: timed motion

As far as I could test it with ABB RCS, it is supported and works. Of course, as there are some acceleration and deceleration phases, the actual time is not exactly as specified.

Also it is possible to move at more than 1m/s.


Here is the test I did: 2 locations at 2m from one another, and move from one to the other in MoveL:


v300 -> 6.91s

v1000 -> 2.27s

v1500 -> 1.64s

v1500\T:=1.4 -> 1.7s

V1500\T:=1 -> 1.37s

V1500\T:=0.75 -> 1.18s

Re: timed motion

Hi GillesVelay


I appreciate very much your answers and help.


Nevertheless I can still not get it working proberly :/


I have attached a small video that shows my problem. I do 3 runs:

1. run it is with v1500 and I can see the TCPspeed on the graph is 1500, so all is fine.

2. run I set the timed motion to 0,5 sec and my speeddata becomes v1500\T:=0.5. Now the TCPspeed is dropping down to 1000mm/s and cycletime to 2.2 s. 

3. run i set the timed motion to 3s. This does not affect the TCPspeed or cycletime at all. it is still 1000m/s and 2.2 s


(view in My Videos)

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? 

Re: timed motion

I would have changed the speedata by clicking on speeddata cell, but it should be the same.

Can you turn simulation trace to On (Robot Setup / Simulation Settings) and provide the simulation log in the simulation window? You should see "Set Motion Time xxx s".

Re: timed motion



Hi GillesVelay,


Here it is:

The speeddata I use is from base.sys as a explicit uploaded file:

Re: timed motion

The trace is correct, so that's the RCS that does not correctly take the setting into account. Or maybe, it just reacts as the real robot with same limitation, but I agree it is not really as expected. In my tests, I used a much older RCS (3.2)...

I will do a quick test with a RCS 5.15.

Re: timed motion

I did a quick test with RCS 5.15.02 and irb6640_235_255 with 2 locations at 3m from one another (same horizontal plane) and MoveL:


v1500 -> 2.37s

v1500\T:=5 -> 5.24s

v1500\T:=3 -> 3.3s

v1500\T:=1 -> 1.66s

v1500`T:=0.5 -> 1.64s (reaching the robot max speed I guess)


So for me it works...