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Acoustic transfer function?


I am using two mics (mic-1 and mic-2) to measure the power spectrum of the signal from a speaker. Mic-1 is placed at the speaker, source position. Mic-2 is placed at the pedestrian ear, receiver position. I have already calculated the power spectrum for these two mics and saved the time history data.


Now I want to calculate the transfer function, mic-2/mic-1. Can you tell me how to do it in LMS?


Re: Acoustic transfer function?

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor


1. Start Desktop module ( Windows 7 : Start -> all programs-> Sim Center Testlab 18-> Desktop Standard & Advance)

2. Open Signature Throughput Processing ( Tools -> Add-Ins -> Signature Throughput Processing -> check box on left side of screen)




3. Go to Navigator worksheet and right click on time data you want to process then select add to input basket





4. Go to Time Data Selection worksheet and press the “Add” button (above channel list)

5. Below Data Set check box in “View” column to visualized the data




6. Go to Time Data Processing worksheet and check the data you would like to process using the “Select” column (left side of screen)





7. Press “Change Settings” above Channel Processing

8. On “Acoustic” tab using “Function:” drop down box select “FRF”

9. Press “Define…” button to select “References:”




10. Select desired reference channel by checking box in “Reference” column then press “Close” button

11. Press “Close” on “Channel Processing Settings” box

12. Press “Calculate” button ( middle of page)

13. Use the “Results Preview” box to view processed FRF