Append time histories in Testlab?


I have two time history recordings, one that runs for 16.5 seconds and another that is 3.5 seconds.  I’d like to append the shorter recording onto the end of the longer one.  I have tried using the SetXStart function to shift the start time of the second set of data to end of the first data set and then apply the APPEND function, this doesn’t work.


I run into this problem frequently enough to figure out some way to combine such data.  Typically, I’m recording some kind of transient that was supposed to occur over a specified period, but ended up running past the recording so I continued the capture for another measurement.


Can you give me some idea how to do this?  When I use the SetXStart function, I was careful to renumber the channels in the shifted segments, and it shows the start time being changed:





Re: Append time histories in Testlab?

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Try this:


1.       Turn on “Tools -> Add-ins -> Time Data Editor”

2.        First put both recordings in the Input basket (in this case I have a sine wave recording and random noise recording I am appending).




3.  In Time Data Selection, view the recording to append to the end of the other (in this case, random will be appended to the end of the sine recording eventually).  Highlight the row with the channel(s) of interest.  Doubleclick on the recording so the segment is the entire time history.




4. Select “Copy” icon to put the segment and channel in the clipboard.




5. Switch to the other recording.  In this case the sine recording will have the random recording appended.




6. Press the Append icon.  The random time file is appended to the sine trace.




Hope this works! Note that the SET_X_START command is not needed in this process.

Re: Append time histories in Testlab?


Yes that worked, thanks so much!  I think the SetXStart was screwing up the process.