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Automatic audio file creation - When playing back in Test.Lab



I previously successfully used a configuration files in the LMS user configuration folder called AudioWavPlayback.ini


The file contained the following text and would automatically save an audio log in a .wav format when playing back sounds either in using Audio Replay or Sound Diagnosis.

[Audio Playback]


Since I got my new laptop it has stopped working and I can't figure out the reason why.


  1. I have tried using local folders instead of network folders.
  2. I have also tried deleting the configuration folder and starting again.
  3. I have ensured the folder name contains no spaces (did not expect this to make a difference).

Any suggestions?


Re: Automatic audio file creation - When playing back in Test.Lab

Hello - 

I asked around on my team, and no one was aware of this functionality.  However, I just tested it on my PC and indeed when I playback audio from Test.Lab 16, I can get a *.wav file automatically created in the folder I specify.


I copied this file:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\LMS\LMS Test.Lab 16A\central\Configuration\AudioWavPlayback.ini"


To my Test.Lab user configuration folder:

"C:\Users\...\UserConfiguration\ms21xj\LMS Test.Lab 16A\Configuration\AudioWavPlayback.ini"


And then edited the contents of the *.ini file like this:

[Audio Playback]


Lastly, in Test.Lab I browsed to an audio file, added it to a display, right-clicked on the function and selected "Audio Replay".  This then automatically created on my Desktop a file called "AudioLogFile.wav", which contained the output of my playback.  I verified that it seemed to work for both mono and stereo playback types, as well as pressure (~20khz) sample rate and acceleration (~4khz) sample rate data.


If you've followed the steps above on your own system, I can't think if why it would not work on a new PC.  Maybe there is a difference in sound card hardware?  What about file-type association to the *.wav files - does your new computer use the same program to open and playback those files?

Re: Automatic audio file creation - When playing back in Test.Lab

Hello Jason,


I have been in contact with the GTAC support line, it seems that there is an issue with new installations. In my case on Test.Lab 14A.


This was the reply I received from GTAC.


Dear Prashant,


I was able to test this on a new system. I can reproduce the issue. After installing TestLab the save to .wav file does not work.


The other test were done on systems that have a combination of multiple versions of the TestLab and TestXpress software. Here the issue was not reproducible.


Our development team will need to investigate what is missing with the clean install of TestLab.



Best Regards



I will share an update when they rectify this bug.