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Automation ICmdAdvanced




I am trying to use the IAdvancedCmd Interface without success.


I Am trying to use is as ICmd (which is working for me) but I always receive this "TYPE MISMATCH" error


I use the handles offered by TL.Application (cmd and cmd.Advancedcmd)


As example, I receive the error calculating a Block Average


Dim blockAveraged As LMSTestLabAutomation.IBlock2

Dim currentBlockOctave As LMSTestLabAutomation.IBlock2


currentBlockOctave = TL.cmd.BLOCK_OCTAVE(currentBlock)


blockAveraged = TL.cmd.AdvancedCmd.BLOCK_AVERAGE_STATISTICS(AvgParam, AvgType, blockAveraged, currentBlockOctave)


Same for 


blockLoudness = TL.cmd.AdvancedCmd.BLOCK_LOUDNESS(currentBlockOctave, SoundField)


I think that I'm not doing the proper use of the interface, but can't figure out how...


Thanks in advance


Re: Automation ICmdAdvanced

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius



below you can find a small code snippet for the problems.

Indeed the syntax on the command are not correct.





oScalar = tl.cmd.AdvancedCmd.BLOCK_LOUDNESS(oBlock, LMSTestLabAutomation.CONST_EnumSoundField.SoundFieldFree)

Remark1: you must provide an Octave block

Remark2: result is a scalar value


2. Average Statistics:


oBlock = tl.cmd.AdvancedCmd.BLOCK_AVERAGE_STATISTICS(1, LMSTestLabAutomation.CONST_EnumStatisticFunction.StatisticFunctionEnergy_average, oBlock, oBlock)


hopefull this will help you.


 kind regards,

Re: Automation ICmdAdvanced


Hi bvlassa, Thank you very much for your reply


I tried your proposal without success. Still this "TYPE Mismatch"


I reprogrammed the code in C#, and now I get an error in line wich I was seein just browsing in the object browser: "System.MissingMemberException"


Indeed, you are able to unfold all the functions from TestLabAutomation.Application.cmd


But TestLabAutomation.Application.cmd.cmdAdvanced does not have "children", the Handle is empty


This is what I was seeing from the beginning ...


Now the question is: Is it a mistake of my installation or a bug in the Automation Module???





Re: Automation ICmdAdvanced

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius



The TestLabAutomation.CMD.AdvancedCmd is not working in C#, this is a BUG, that you may report through GTAC. This functionality is currently only working on VB.Net.


Some work-arrounds:

1. Block_Loudness, this function is also available in the TestLabAutomation.CMD, so you can use it  from here.


sc = tl.cmd.BLOCK_LOUDNESS(bl, LMSTestLabAutomation.CONST_EnumSoundField.SoundFieldFree);


2. Block_Average_Statistics, this is not available in LmsTestLabAutomation, so for this we can use the CreateObject method.


In the Automation Documentation Tool you can find function (object) called: Snippet


This object performs the same calculation as the Block_Average_Statistics. Find below small snippet:


bl = (LMSTestLabAutomation.IBlock2)db.GetItem(@"Section1/Octave/Octave 1\/3 Point1");
sf = tl.Factory.CreateEnumerate("LmsHq::DataModelC::BlockStatistics::CEnumStatisticFunction", 1);
map = tl.CreateAttributeMap();
map.Add("SourceBlock", bl);     //LMSTestLabAutomation.IBlock2
map.Add("PrevAvgBlock", bl);    //LMSTestLabAutomation.IBlock2
map.Add("AvgType", sf);         //LMSTestLabAutomation.Enumerate
map.Add("AvgParam", 1);         //real
map.Add("AvgTimeConstant", 1);  //real
bl = (LMSTestLabAutomation.IBlock2)tl.CreateObject("LmsHq::DataModelC::BlockStatistics::CAveragedBlock", map);


Hopefull, this will help,


Kind regards



Re: Automation ICmdAdvanced


Hi bvlassa


It works!!!!! And not only this: you helped me to understand how to use the Snippets.

Many doors have been opened to me now, thanks to your help.


Thank you very much!!!