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Batch convert from LMS Test.Lab to RPC?


I am trying to batch convert to the RPCIII format from my LMS Test.Lab project.  Can conversion to RPC only be done one at time?



Trying to get RPC files for a test rig.


Re: Batch convert from LMS Test.Lab to RPC?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Yes, you can batch export to RPC.  Just right click on the section name (one level higher than the runs) to export all the runs at one time.  The basic project hierarchy is Project -> Section -> Run.  Right click on the project level to export all sections, all runs.  Right click on Section to export all Runs in the section.




There are few options for how the export will be done:




RPC files can only have a single sampling rate by definition. The mode: “grouped per input file (upsampled to highest sampling rate) will make all data the same sampling rate before export.


By default the RPC files will be exported to a single directory as specified. If a RPC file should be created in each directory of the original LMS project file, choose the option “Keep directory structure”.




RPC files have the extension *.rsp