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Cada-x sieve in LMS Test.Lab?

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Valued Contributor

In Cada-x, there was this great feature called a SIEVE for sorting thru data.  Does LMS Test.Lab have something like this?


Re: Cada-x sieve in LMS Test.Lab?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



Ah, the Block Sieve, that brings back memories.  There are two ways to accomplish this in LMS Test.Lab.  The first way was the only option in LMS Test.Lab for a number of years.  The second option is much more "Excel like".


1)  First method defined here.  Highlight the Project, Section, Run,  etc. or the Folder you wish to search on via My Computer.  Then press the Search button.  For most items in LMS Test.Lab you can set Origin to Test.Lab an Search For to Block.  Or the Origin to (Standard) and Search for to Function.  Turn on to Search for Properties and then you can search on one property.  By Pressing the "Adv. Search" button you can search on multiple criteria.



You can then search to find all data that meets this criteria.    Once you find some data (two shown here) you can then press the "Adv. Sieve" button.  You can then select a property that differs between the data that is found.    Here I search for the Reference Point ID which is different between the two FRFs found above.  You can then press Sieve Now to find just one FRF with the desired property.  You can sieve on multiple criteria.pic2.jpg


2)  The second method uses List All Blocks, Selecting Columns and AutoFiltering.  Highlight the project, section, run, folder, etc. that you wish to search on and then press the "List All Blocks" button.



Right click in the middle column near the column headers and select "Select Columns".  Add any columns you want to sort or sieve by.



or right click and select Load View to load any of the predefined Views.    I used the FRFData view here.



Finally, right click near the column headers and select Filter, AutoFilter.  You can then turn on which items you wish to sort or sieve by.



Here we have filtered to view Function Class = FRF, Point ID 8 and then turned off the reference at Node 15.  If you look at the status bar, List all Blocks found 111 blocks in the test section and we are viewing 1 now.pic7.jpg




Re: Cada-x sieve in LMS Test.Lab?

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend



In this Knowledge Base article, you can see an example of using Project Attributes from the Documentation tab to filter and sort Project data:


There is a movie about half way down, near Figure 6, that shows filtering project attributes using the columns.



Re: Cada-x sieve in LMS Test.Lab?

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Valued Contributor

I used the column filtering, and it worked well.  


Thank you.