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Can't find my time data


Hello all,


I recently copied my LMS Test.Lab project to a network drive.  Now when I go to look at my time data, I cannot view it.  There is a red "X" mark




Where is my time data?



Re: Can't find my time data

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Hi there - 

More than likely your time-date throughput, or LSDF files, are located in a folder back on the PC hard drive where your Test.Lab project file was saved.  The setting for saving time files is determined in Tools -> Options -> Data, and the default is "Semi-Embedded", like this:


4-28-2017 7-23-03 AM.jpgTools -> Options -> Data - File storage settings in Test.LabWith that setting enabled, if your project is called "MyData.lms", there will be a folder you can find in Windows Explorer that sits at the same directory level as the project, and it will be named "MyData".  Inside that folder will be directories for each Section and Run in your project file, along with the corresponding LSDF files.  An example directory structure in Windows would look like this:


4-28-2017 7-34-39 AM.jpgExample file structure for Semi-Embedded throughput data storageIf you go back to the PC from which you copied the project file, and then copy the entire throughput folder contents to the same network location as the project file, exiting and re-opening it in Test.Lab should automatically link back to the appropriate files.


Lastly, note that the reason for storing the throughput files "along side" the project file is to help control the project file size.  The *.lms project is intended to contain acqusition settings, processed data, 2D / 3D functions etc., but not raw time data files.  Putting all of that information in the project file would oftentimes cause it to get very large very quickly, which would of course slow down access and manipulation of the data.







Re: Can't find my time data


Thanks, I never knew that.  I have not had to copy data off of my PC before.


After copying the corresponding directory to the project, everything is working.