Change logo in LMS Test.Lab Vibration Control batch printing?

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Printing some old data.


How do you change the blue logo in the upper right corner of batch printing in LMS Test.Lab Random Control?




Re: Change logo in LMS Test.Lab Vibration Control batch printing?

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There are two ways to change the header and Logo in Batch Printing in the Test.Lab Environmental Testing products.


1)  Edit the files directly in C:\Program Files (x86)\LMS\LMS Test.Lab 17\central\Application Resources

2)  Copy them to your local Application Resources directory (C:\LMS\UserConfiguration\{user}\LMS Test.Lab {revision}\Application Resources) and edit them there.


Logo.bmp is the LMS logo in the top right corner.  That is the one you asking about.

LmsHeading1.bmp is the  Header you see in the top left corner.



LmsHeading1.jpg LmsHeading1.bmp


For more control, use the Batch Reporting add-in and then you have a lot more options available to you since the Printformat can be created in MS Word or MS PowerPoint according to what you've selected under File, Printing Options while on the Navigator worksheet.