Compare data to target quickly, one at a time?


Have a target vibration limit curve.  Want to quickly compare my measured data against the target in Testlab Navigator.  Have many measurements to compare against the limit. I know I can dump all the measurements in at once, but prefer to do the comparisons one measurement at a time.


Want to scroll through the data quickly, but one at a time, doing the comparison to the vibration limit.


Tried dropping the data into a FrontBack display and use the curve scrolling feature, but it incremented both curves.  Scrolling curve shown below.







Re: Compare data to target quickly, one at a time?

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Maybe the “Preview Mode” feature will help.  You can use Preview Mode to view data against any type of target line, or against a baseline measurement, etc. 


1.  Open a FrontBack display.




2. Then drag the vibration target limit into the Front part of the display.  To make a target or limit line you can use the Data Block Editor





3. Set the Front limits to Fixed.




4. Then turn on Preview Mode by right clicking in the main part of the display. A magnifying glass appears in the upper left corner of the display when Preview mode is on.





5. Set the limits in the Back display to Fixed.





6. Highlight one of the data blocks to be listed in Navigation window.  It will be displayed instantly in the Back.  Then use the keyboard Arrow keys to scroll through the data.





As the arrow key moves to the next data block, it will display overlayed with the limits.




 Hope that helps!