Copying channel setup from one project to the other?


I usually copy/paste my channel setup from one project and/or section to another one using ctrl-c and ctrl-v. I highlight the channels I want in the original project, ctrl-c, then highlight the channels in the new project and pick ctrl-v.


I think everything copies.  But occasionally I get a message like below.  But I think everything copied!:




Am I copying the channel information in the best way possible?


Re: Copying channel setup from one project to the other?

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Hello Thomas,

That probably occurs when you copy fields from one type of card to another.  i.e. copying from a microphone, temperature, charge, strain. etc. card to a V8 which only supports Voltage AC, Voltage DC and ICP.  Two other suggestions:


1)  Use the Load Channel Setup... button which allows you to load the channel setup from any section in the active project OR any section from any project or template saved on disk.

9-12-2018 4-36-33 PM.jpg


2)  Load the channel setup from the Navigator, this can be from any measured run in the active project or any run in any project via My Computer.  Expand the run until you see the ArchivedSettings.  You can then either Load or View Channel Setup or if you wish load all archived settings to get all setup parameters.  Note:  This is a great way to view the channel setup that was used for any measured run to verify settings.  This can done in the Desktop application with no front-end connected too.


9-12-2018 4-40-58 PM.jpg


If you don't want to leave the Channel Setup worksheet, load the channel setup or archived settings via the Data Explorer.  

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