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Correcting SPDIF Head data question


I was using a SPDIF input with my SCADAS XS.  I messed up the calibraiton values, and I have to go back and “fix” the data from the previous day (most of it but not all).  The issue I have is that my work-flow is all messed up.


The SPDIF Head data is assigned/namedà 15:1{RSLE_HMS;RSRE_HMS}


Part 1:

  • I need to use the Time Signal Calculator to divide the Head data by 3.16 and create two new channels to then be processed with the rest of the data set.  
  • How or what math function do I use to divide each channel by 3.16 and assign a new channel?
  • I tried -> CH155 = CH15/3.16, but this creates a new channel and does the division, but renames both channels to RSLE_HMS (i.e., I get two channels with the same name)…WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?
  • I’ve tried-> CH155=CH15:1:RSLE_HMS
  • I’ve tried-> CH155=CH15:1:{RSLE_HMS}


Second Question:

  • Is there a way in LMS data collection (option setting) to split the channels as separate channel numbers instead of creating a “fork” to the combined Head/Bi-neural Headsets?

Re: Correcting SPDIF Head data question

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Reading your description (but not actually having your data to look at), I think you may need to use the commands STEREO_MULTIPLEX and STEREO_DEMULTIPLEX in the Time Signal Calculator.


I think the head data came in as stereo data (two channels combined into one).  So the time signal calculator methods end up doing the same thing (like changing the name) to both channels, not allowing you to do them independently.


So before doing manipulations to the data, use the command STEREO_DEMULTIPLEX to make the head data into two independent channels.  Do all the scaling, naming, etc.  When finished, then use the command STEREO_MULTIPLEX to put them back together for binaural replay, etc.


I think this will solve it from what I read in your description. If it does not fix the issue, please let us know.