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Creating DBC files


Does anyone know how to create a DBC file that runs with testlab? I have PIDs and DMRs but I don't know how to crearte or edit an existing dbc file.


Re: Creating DBC files

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend



Since the *.dbc file is unique for each manufacturer and is proprietary we cannot help create one.  Normally you can get them from the Powertrain team.  From LMS Test.Lab 15A on we have supported measuring OBD-II channels.  We provide two files with ten common channels located at C:\Program Files (x86)\LMS\LMS Test.Lab {revision}\central\Application Resources\CAN.   This is what it looks like:





BO_ 2024 OBD_PIDs: 8 LMS_OBD2
SG_ C004_Calculated_Load_Value m4 : 31|8@0+ (0.392156862745098,0) [0|100] "%" LMS_OBD2
SG_ C005_Engine_Coolant_Temperature m5 : 31|8@0+ (1,-40) [-40|215] "°C" LMS_OBD2
SG_ C00C_Engine_RPM m12 : 31|16@0+ (0.25,0) [0|16383.75] "rpm" LMS_OBD2
SG_ C00D_Vehicle_Speed m13 : 31|8@0+ (1,0) [0|255] "km/h" LMS_OBD2
SG_ C00E_Ignition_Timing_Advance m14 : 31|8@0+ (0.5,-64) [-64|63.5] "°" LMS_OBD2
SG_ C00F_Intake_Air_Temperature m15 : 31|8@0+ (1,-40) [-40|215] "°C" LMS_OBD2
SG_ C011_Absolute_Throttle_Position m17 : 31|8@0+ (0.392156862745098,0) [0|100] "%" LMS_OBD2
SG_ C01F_Time_Since_Engine_Start m31 : 31|16@0+ (1,0) [0|65535] "s" LMS_OBD2
SG_ C033_Barometric_Pressure m51 : 31|8@0+ (1,0) [0|255] "kPa" LMS_OBD2
SG_ C046_Ambiant_Air_Temperature m70 : 31|8@0+ (1,-40) [-40|215] "°C" LMS_OBD2
SG_ SignalKind M : 16|8@1+ (1,0) [0|0] "" LMS_OBD2

BA_DEF_ "Baudrate" INT 0 1000000;
BA_DEF_DEF_ "Baudrate" 0;
BA_ "Baudrate" 500000;


If you search the FAQ's at under the Solution Center you will find several on CANBus, OBD-II and one on how to add addition channels to the OBD-II file.  Here are links to three FAQs on this topic:


Note:  You need a webkey and password which can be created using the sold-to and Web Access Code(WAC) located at the top of your license file(s).