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Customizing axes in 3D Colorplot


Can I customize axes with other measured paramaeter and display it in 3D colorpot?.

(Usally 3D Colorplot shows frequency along X-axis, rpm along Y-axis and Z-axis is noise in dBA).


I have simultaneously measured rpm, torque and noise during speed sweep through LMS test lab.

I want 3D colorplot which display rpm along X-axis, torque along Y-axis and radiated noise along Z-axis.



Re: Customizing axes in 3D Colorplot

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Pradeep,

This may actually be a few questions!   In a colormap, the X axis normally frequency along the bottom axis, the Y axis is your channel unit along the right axis (Pressure in dB(A) in your case)and the Z axis is you tracking axis which can be time, tacho or any channel in the static group along the left axis.


If you wish to track along torque (or temperature, pressure, etc.) just make sure it is either in the Tacho group or the Static group before processing.  If it is not in the static group but you want it to be then use the Time Signal Calculator to move it to the static group.  The formula would be the channel number and then use the Channel Group pull down to move it the Static group.  You can then track against it.


To switch the X and Z axis, to to Colormap options... and the Miscellaneous tab and rotate the X and Z axes.  In this manner you can display Frequency along the Left axis, torque (or time and rpm) along the bottom axis and then pressure in dB (A) along the right axis.


If you truly wanted radiated noise on the Left axis and torque on the right axis you would need to place noise in the static group and then torque in the Vibration, Other or Acoustic group so that is the processed channel.  I don't think that is what you want though.

Re: Customizing axes in 3D Colorplot




Thanks for the response. It seems little confusing.

I want following 3D Colorplot.

(rpm along bottom axis, torque along left axis and radiated noise along right axis).rpm torque noise colorplot.PNG




Re: Customizing axes in 3D Colorplot

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

I think you want to use the feature called "Engine Map display" shown below




There is a video on the GTAC support website about how to use it: