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Delete multiple runs in LMS Test.Lab?


I want to delete multiple runs within one section of my project.  When I highlight multiple runs (like 8 of them) and right click to delete them (or copy them), the selection reverts to a single run.


I don’t want to delete my runs one at a time – this would take a long time.  Is there a better way?


I am in the LMS Test.Lab Desktop, in the Navigator worksheet.


Re: Delete multiple runs in LMS Test.Lab?

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

The deletion of multiple runs is only possible in the middle pane of the Navigator worksheet in LMS Test.Lab.


Highlight the 'Section name' in the left pane.  All runs will be listed in the middle pane.


Multiple runs can be highlighted in the middle pane.  Right click and select ‘Delete/Copy’ as desired.