Display vibration limit lines in test.lab?


I have some vibration limit lines in Excel that I want to overlay with my LMS Test.Lab vibration data.


Is there a way to import my data from Excel and display it in Test.Lab with my project data?


This is simple data with two columns: X values (Hz) and Y values (g's).


Re: Display vibration limit lines in test.lab?

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for just a few curves I would use the Data Block Editor add-in to copy the data from Excel to Test.Lab.  You can then Save to the Workspace and save the workspace to the project.  Work left to right in that worksheet setting up the header first and then copying the data into the software.


The Excel Data Driver add-in can also be used.  That is useful for more data.    


Both add-ins are included with the Desktop and don't require any licenses.  See this article which discusses both:  https://community.plm.automation.siemens.com/t5/Testing-Knowledge-Base/Import-Export-Data-between-Ex...


There are also FAQs in the Solution Center on the GTAC support site.