Divide two orders from the same channel?


I want to divide two orders calculated on the same channel, each with different parameters.




For example, I want to cut 3rd order with a 2% bandwidth and cut 3rd order with a 20% bandwidth from the same channel, and then divide the two order cuts (this is like a masking calculation).


Some problems:


1. Both orders have the same names, can’t tell them apart.




2. Even if I use columns fields, display attributes, etc, when I put them in the Data Calculator, still can’t tell them apart.


Re: Divide two orders from the same channel?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Try using the ‘Customized Metrics Calculator’ add-in (Tools -> add-ins) when doing Signature Throughput processing.





In Time Data Processing worksheet, under Section -> Change Settings, there is a new tab called “User Sections”.





In the User Sections tab, press the “f(x)” button and add some ORDER functions.  They orders can be defined with different bandwidth percentages and divided as shown.


This can also be used for things like summing orders together (for example, all half orders versus full orders for a modulation comparison).