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Eliminating Load Cell ringing data during signature acquisition




I have performed a high speed testing of  a material and I used a load cell to acquire the load data. When I was trying to plot the load vs time, I was able to see fluctuations in the curve which is due to loadcell ringing. Is there a way to eliminate it. I tried using filter_frf but I was unable to add a block in that formula. I am enclosing my raw data. Any help on this highly appreciated.


Re: Eliminating Load Cell ringing data during signature acquisition

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In order to use the FILTER_FRF command you would need a unitless block that is an FRF that has the desired shape of the filter in the frequency domain.  Do you have that?


With such a limited amount of data provided 0.00152832 seconds (you only provided 5.6160-5.6175 seconds)  there is not much we can do with it.


I'd suggest, calculating a waterfall or colormap on the data to identify the frequencies of the oscillation.  It looks like a low frequency.  Then use either a HP filter, Bandstop filter or Notch filter to remove those frequencies.  Those commands all start with FILTER as the command name.


If you know the filter shape you want, you can create that curve with the Data Block Editor Add-in as a unitless FRF, save it and then use it in the Time Signal Calculator as the B1 Block in the FILTER_FRF command (use the Block Set Editor in the Time Signal Calculator, the Tool has a B with an asterisk on it).


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