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I have a matlab code to process data acquired with Test.Lab. I use 'export data in .mat' capability in test lab to convert the data in .mat format. I had LMS 14A on my computer. Recently I upgraded the comupter to LMS 16A, where in I realised that the formatting of exported .mat file is much different in Test.Lab 16A as compared to if Test. Lab 14 is used. The way colums and rows are written are different. I am running into errors while trying to read .mat file generated from test.lab 16 in matlab. Is anyone else on this forum experiencing the same issue? Could someone guide me to a fix and help me understand fundamental differances between how Test.Lab 14 eports data to .mat compared to Test.Lab 16?


Re: Exporting .ldsf to .mat

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You are correct, some parts of the exported Matlab files have changed from version 14A to 16A.  In version 15A and beyond, several parameters that were previously written as row variables are now written as columns.  Probably the best way to update your Matlab program is to use the 'transpose' command  to switch the affected variables from column to row format.