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I heard LMS has the capability to generate custom raw signals ( i.e sine wave or white noise) that I can playback through a speaker. Can you help me do this with Testlab?




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In Test.Lab spectral Testing module with source control add in selected, you'll have signal type: sine, random, burst random, burst sine, periodice chirp.


or You can do the same thing in Signature acquistion as well, except you only few options as signal type:


In Testlab 18 now you can have "Arbitrary Source" which can be any file format Testlab can import such as LDSF, wave, UFF, sdf...etc



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Here is another option using "Time Signal Calculator"


  1. Start Desktop module ( Windows 7 : Start -> all programs-> Sim Center Testlab 18-> Desktop Standard & Advance)
  2. Open Time Data Editor add-in ( Tools -> Add-Ins -> Time Data Editor - Advance -> ) check box on left side of screen then press closeQ3_P1.png
  3. Click on “Time Data Selection” worksheet
  4. In the “ Time signal Calculator” box (near bottom of screen) press insert function button “ fx“Q3_P2.png
  5. Select “Signal Generation” from the first column in the “Select Function” box and then from the second column a signal to generate and then press “OK” button.Q3_P3.png
  6. Next the “Edit formula arguments” box open where you can enter the parameters of the signal you want to generate. After entering your desired parameters press the “OK” button.Q3_P4.png
  7. Next push the “Calculate” button at the bottom the “ Time Signal Calculator” boxQ3_P5.png
  8. To visualized the generated signal check the box in the “View” column next to the signal you want to display (near top of “DataSet” box ) 
  9. Next step is to save the signal by pressing the “Save As …” button (bottom of “DataSet” box)
  10. Enter a name for the signal and press “OK” button to save the signal to the active sectionQ3_P6.png


  11. Furthermore using time signal calculator it is possible to combine generated signals. Additionally, for more information about using the time signal calculator read the testing knowledge base article “Time Signal Calculator TipsQ3_P7.png


  12. Additionally, to export the generated signal to a wave file for replay from the “Navigator Tab” simply right click on the file and select “Export->Wav”Q3_P8.png


  13. That’s it you are all set

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Thanks Hong ..

I didn't know about the arbitrary source option available with source control !