How to Change Logo in LMS Test.Lab Random Control 'Print Setup Parameters' Under the 'Data' Menu?




I was just wondering if there is any way to permanently change the logo in the print out of the 'Setup Parameters' under the 'Data' drop down menu at the top of the screen in LMS Test.Lab Random Control? I was able to do this for the batch printing tab so I'm assuming it wouldnt be a far stretch to do it for the print out either.


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Re: How to Change Logo in LMS Test.Lab Random Control 'Print Setup Parameters' Under the 'Data' Menu

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Try this:


Step 1:

Open a windows explorer and go the the central/application resources folder (typically: C:\Program Files (x86)\Simcenter\Testlab 18\central\Application Resources).  If you are not running the latest revision, it might be (C:\Program Files (x86)\LMS\LMS Test.Lab 17\central\Application Resources)


Look for the report template file for the workbook. In this case this would be “”


Step 2:

Copy/paste this file in your local/application resources folder (on my system this is: D:\Simcenter\UserConfiguration\myusername\Testlab 18\Application Resources but the location of the local folder can be changed through tools->options)


It may be needed to first create this “Application Resources” subfolder.



Edit the local copy of the template file to replace the Siemens logo with your own. When saving, make sure to select the option to save as template in MsWord (dflt is indeed to save as a document and this we don’t want).


Note: the same template file is used for “File->Print preview” when in the Random Setup worksheet. That way you can test the result without actually printing.