How to use SCADAS T8 Thermocouple card?


Just got a T8 thermocouple card.  How do I set it up to take temperature measurements?


I have K-type thermcouples.


Re: How to use SCADAS T8 Thermocouple card?

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Plug in the thermocouple in to the appropriate channel on the T8 card (lowest channel is to the left, highest to right).  In the picture below, the thermocouple is plugged in the first channel.






In “Channel Setup” worksheet of Simcenter Testlab Signature, choose “Tools -> Channel Setup Visibility”.  Find “Thermocouple” in the “Source field names” list on the left, highlight it, and press “Add”.





In the Channel Setup, turn on the thermocouple channel.  Scroll to the right to select the thermocouple types.  The T8 card support B, E, J, J, N, R, S, and T type thermocouples.





To view the temperature readings live, either a FrontBack or Numerical display can be used in the Measure Worksheet of Simcenter Testlab.  Choose “Data Explorer” and go to the “Monitor” folder under “Online Data”.




From the folder called “Static”, drop the temperature channel into the Numerical display. This will give an instantaneous readout of the measurement.




From the folder called “Time History” drop the temperature into a FrontBack display. This gives a time history view of the temperature.






Right click on the Y-axis of the FrontBack display and choose “Units” to see the temperature in Fahrenheit, Celsius, etc.




Hope that helps!