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Impact testing

Is there anyone who knows what is the name of the experimental modal analysis method used in the impact testing tool of LMS?
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Re: Impact testing



I'm not sure about your question.  The Test.Lab Impact Testing software module is only for data acquisition, if you want to curvefit the data you need to either start Modal Analysis or add it in via the Tools->Add-ins menu.


Test.Lab has two curve fit methods, one is a time domain curve fitter and the other is the Polymax curve fitter.  Are you thinking of one of these methods?

Re: Impact testing

Hi , 

First thank you for you response, 
Yes I used modal analysis in the add-in menu.

So, it is the time domain curve-fitting method.
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‎01-23-2017 08:38 AM

Re: Impact testing

The Time MDOF is a Least Squares Complex Exponential method.  Attached is a document that explains some more about it.


This is the theory document that comes with the software in the directory: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\LMS\{rev}\central\Help\Theory documents PDF'