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Is it possible to lockdown a test?


Is it possible to lockdown a test?  I want to create a test template that the test cell operators cannot change the frequency resolution, as well as the tracking settings.  Using LMS Test.Lab Signature.


Re: Is it possible to lockdown a test?

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Siemens Legend

there is a possiblity through the Add-in "Parameter locking".

see document in attach for more info

Re: Is it possible to lockdown a test?

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Siemens Phenom

Yes, you can do this using “Parameter Locking”.  Have the project/template open that you want to use, with all add-ins needed turned on. Here are the steps:


  • In Signature, go to Tools -> Add-ins and select “Parameter Locking”.  Click “OK” on the message “By selecting the Add-in Parameter Locking field….”. Press “OK” on the add-in menu.


  • To lock the frequency resolution, go to the Acquisition Setup worksheet.  Right click on the frequency resolution and choose “Property Dialog”.




  • A “Combobox” property dialog will open up.  In the dialog box, check on the “Read Only” field and press OK.



Now the frequency resolution field cannot be changed.  You can do the same in the Tracking settings worksheet as well. Save the template or project and send to the test cell operator!