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LMS Test.Lab Automation further examples

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Hello Gurus,


I'm programming an application to automate the Vehicle Acoustic Transfer Functions acquisition process with VB.Net and Automation, and I am missing some information (example, how to assign a value to an IScalar)... Is there another sources apart of the pdf manual and the written examples in the CD?


Thanks in advance


Cheers from Autoneum

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‎03-13-2017 12:47 PM

Re: LMS Test.Lab Automation further examples

You can create an IScalar as part of the ICmd interface, e.g.

      myScalarDoubleVariable = TL.cmd.DOUBLE_TO_SCALAR(aValue, aQuantity)

A very useful source of information on Test.Lab automation is the Object Browser.  In Visual Studio, click View / Object Browser, then browse through the entries under "LMSTestLabAutomation".  (Make sure the LMS Type Library has been added first).


Besides the on-line help supplied with Test.Lab, there is also a Technical Article on Test.Lab Automation that should be available on request from your local office.  It was written in 2004, but still gives a solid overview of all the different facets of Test.Lab Automation.


Note that there is also a 3-day Test.Lab Automation training class offered in the Detroit office once a year.

Re: LMS Test.Lab Automation further examples

Hello !

      I want to write a snippet to help me finish my reports . Now, I want to copy the  XY display(embed data) to Excel page. I am not very skilled of the LMS Automation language , please give me some examples of this.

Thanks a lot !

Re: LMS Test.Lab Automation further examples



We only support LMS Test.Lab displays  in Microsoft Powerpoint and Word.



Re: LMS Test.Lab Automation further examples

If I write a snippet with VB langue , how I can copy the display(embed data) into Powerpoint or Word document .
Can you show me a short example ? I need repeat this operation many times every day.

Re: LMS Test.Lab Automation further examples

Dear are multiple ways to create ppt or doc files with Test.Lab displays with data inside.

  1. Minor "Data Viewing", drop data in a display , press "Copy as Active Picture (embedded data)) and paste it in ppt or doc.
  2. Minor "Data Presentation", create a printformat (template view of your ppt or doc), load format, drop data and print a ppt or doc is now create with your data in the correct display
  3. ...

Both described ways above we can automate, so first choose the way of working.


for more info on making reports & plotting contact you local support or the FAQ's at under the Solution Center.


When you know the flow, I'm happy to help you with the automation part.


regards, bvlassa