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LMS Test Lab on-line help

Hi all,

    What is the website of on-line help for lms test lab. I can't search it. Anybody can tell me that?


Re: LMS Test Lab on-line help

The online help for Test.Lab is part of the standard software installation on a client PC.  The default path, in the latest version, is:


C:\Program Files (x86)\LMS\LMS Test.Lab 16A\central\Help


There is no internet-based link to the help contents, if that is what you were looking to find.

Re: LMS Test Lab on-line help


     Thank you for your reply. I found some tutorial about lms test lab. How can I get all of them? Because i am very interesting in the tips and theory in this kind of toturial. Thank you again.



Re: LMS Test Lab on-line help

On the GTAC customer support web site, there are a number of documents similar to the one you sent, the link, presuming you have a login account is here:


In addition, we've begun adding a lot of great information on different technical topics to the Knowledge Base part of this site, I suggest that you check out the articles here:


Re: LMS Test Lab on-line help

Thank you for your patience.