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LMS Test.Xpress import .WAV file for analysis

 We recently compelted a project where we used a DAC to record audio with the Left and Right channels separately with a 20 dB gain applied to one of the channels.  Our original plan was to use the DAC to play the data through the SCADAS using BNC inputs; one channel for the L and one for the R.  


Unfortunately the data files ended at multiple hours in length due to issue when conducting our tests.  Is there a method that we can import .WAV files to Test.Xpress as separate channels for the L and R to post process and analyze.  The methodology works fine when we just play the files back through the SCADAS but would obviously take a long time to complete.






Re: LMS Test.Xpress import .WAV file for analysis

yes, You can import .wav file into Test.Xpress.  Open a new or existing project, go to Analysis->Datasets, right click on Datasets-> Import...tx1.jpg



now in the new popup menu as shown below:



To the right of the file name: choose "Windows Audio Files" now you should able import .wave file to Test.Xpress.  If you have more questions, please let me know.



Re: LMS Test.Xpress import .WAV file for analysis

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When I follow that procedure there is no option for "Windows Audio Files" and when I select "Data Files (all types)" .wav files still don't appear, even when I navigate to the correct folder. 



import options.png


Is there a setting I need to change to allow the import of the files?  


Just a note, I am still running Test.Xpress 8A.  Is this a new feature in the updated versions?  a.k.a. do I need to upgrade?


Edit: Just upgrade to Test.Xpress 10.  improting .wav option still doesn't show.



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‎05-18-2016 11:52 AM

Re: LMS Test.Xpress import .WAV file for analysis

You'll need to install "LMS Active Pictures for data import" from the software DVD for TX8 & TX10.


Since I have Test.Lab installed on my PC, I do not need to install LMS Active Pictures for data import.  I assume currently you do not have Test.Lab installed on this PC, right?


Good Luck!


Re: LMS Test.Xpress import .WAV file for analysis

I started using LMS Test.lab, particularrely "POLYMAX modal analysis".
I have certain signals in a .mat files , and I need to applicate the polymax method on these signals.
The problem is that the tool Polymax modal analysis need a.xdf files, but I don't have the signals in this type of files.
So my question , is there any solution to import matlab files to LMS tEST.LAB and then applicate the polymax method to finally obtain the modal parameters? 
Thank you 

Re: LMS Test.Xpress import .WAV file for analysis

Just be clear, which software are you using?  LMS Test.Lab or Test.Xpress?  .XDF file extension is associate with Test.Xpress; however, Test.Lab can read & import .xdf file and Mat.lab file; Test.Xpress can do the same as well.


The other question I have is the matlab file you have now.  Is it time domain data or FRF?  Usually customer use polymax modal analysis is to analyze FRF data (frequency domain) not time domain data?  For example, in Test.Lab you browse to where this matlab file is at:


Re: LMS Test.Xpress import .WAV file for analysis

continue from previous reply....

go to Desktop->My computer->broswe to where the matlab file store->right click->replace input basket,



now you can go to Modal data selection workbook, make sure Input basket is selected, then click refresh function table or you might need to click Switch button to change the reference & respond matrix.


If the matlab file you have is time domain data, you'll not able to follow the procedure from above; Only FRF data works.