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LMS Test.lab and test stand integration


I have my LMS system in a test stand.  I would like the LMS system and SCADAS to automatically start taking data when the test stand starts and stops.  The test stand can output a 5 volt TTL signal (has a value of 0 or 5 volts depending if stand is operational).  


Is there anyway to have the LMS system automatically monitor the 0 to 5 signal, and only take data when the signal is at 5 volts?


Re: LMS Test.lab and test stand integration

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Here is one possibility for LMS Test.Lab Signature acquisition:


1.  In the “Channel Setup” worksheet, plug the TTL signal (with BNC) to one channel on the Scadas.  It would be setup with Voltage DC mode with a 1000 mV/V sensitivity as in the screenshot below:



2. In the “Tracking Setup” worksheet, there is a ‘triggered start’ and ‘triggered stop’ option.  For example, you can set a threshold like 2.5 Volts for the 0 to 5 TTL signal. Screenshot below:



3. In the “Measure” worksheet, under the “More…” button, you can set a ‘sequence length’.  Setting this to ’10 Runs’ would have the system automatically rearm and reacquire data 10 times in a row without user interaction. Screenshot below:sequence.png



Hope this helps!





Re: LMS Test.lab and test stand integration

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

In addition to setting up ten runs to measured as shown, if you want no user interaction be sure to turn on Automatically Accept Measurement under the Measure Options that is shown.


Otherwise you have to Accept each run after it measured to process and save the data.