Little inconvenient with a Data Calculator


Hi friends!


I'm havng a little inconvenient with a Data Calculator


When I select the data "Time 1:+Z" from the tutorial file DemoODS&TA/TimeHistory in the Data Calculator, I can Use the "Add" icon in the Data Set' Box and I can use "the Active Formula set".


When I select the same signal "Time 1:+Z" from the navigator and "export to" Universal File format and select the options showed in the picture, I get a Signal UFF (showed in the picture) and when i go to the Data Calculator and select the same signal exported and use the same "Add" icon, doesn't happen nothing, I can't "Add" the same signal exported. When I use other signals with extension uff, I can't use the data calcuator neither.


Help me with this please

Alvaro1.JPGTime 1:+Z from DemoODS&TA2.jpgEnable to use Data Calculator3.jpgExport a same signal Time 1:Z to Universal file format4.jpgSelect the exported Signal5.jpgCan't use Data Calculator