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Maximum control strategy in a random vibration test



I had an issue while performing a random vibration test using Test.Lab. I have to use a "maximum" control strategy with 4 pilot accelerometers placed on a fixture in order to avoid overstressing of hardware. If I plot the PSD vs. frequency curve of the control and the 4 pilot accelerometers, I see that the control curve doesn't envelope the 4 pilots as I would expect, but sometimes the pilot PSD's have peaks much higher than the control, even above the "upper abort" level. Why doens't it stop the test? And what is the reason for that? How can I avoid this and get a perfect envelope of the 4 pilots?


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Re: Maximum control strategy in a random vibration test

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Siemens Experimenter

This question is best addressed by the support goup through the Phone support or GTAC.  Please let me know if you need any help contacting support.


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Please feel free to contact me at:

Mobile 248-605-1579