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In the Process Designer of Simcenter Testlab Neo, how can I include some documentation ( text + pictures ) with my process designs? When I share the process with others I want them to better understand / follow how the data is being processed.


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Using the steps below you can use comment boxes and grouping with the Process Designer to make things less complex


  • Select a group a methods you want to document by holding down ctrl button while clicking on each method to include in comment box grouping. Or click in the white space and drag a box around the methods you want to include in the comment box grouping.




  • After selecting the group of methods to comment use the process designer drop menu to scroll down to comment box tool or type ‘comment’ into the methods search box.Q11_P3.png





  • To expand the size of the comment box click+drag from the corners or sizes of the comment box




  • To create and edit the content of the comment box double click inside the box






  • Next type and format text in the ‘Method Documentation’ box as desired. Additionally, pictures (via cut & paste ) can be added and re-aligned within the comment box.Q11_P8.png



  • Additionally you can also create comment box by itself without grouping it around a set of methods.Q11_P9.png



  • That’s it you are all set





Re: Neat Design Processes


Thanks...This is exactly what I needed !